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week 4

Sorry for the late post. Here’s our schedule for this week.
– Filming the HC video:
– If you have a 5D and/or FX1 at home, please charge the batteries and make sure everything is good to go for the filming.
– I need you to bring the cameras tomorrow morning at 600. Everyone needs to be at the lab by 630 in the morning.
– If you have a sport and/or something else that’s not important, tell me and I’ll talk with your coach about giving you a pass or something so you can be excused for the filming. (I’m responsible for you guys.)
– I still don’t know what time the filming is. I’ll send Mr. Owens an email to find out more about that.
– We gonna have two times for filming. One in the morning and one during 7th and after school.
– You all got Chris’ email today in the morning, right? If you did, then please try to find something for the ending. We’ll talk about that tomorrow in the morning.
– Editing and (maybe) finish filming the HC video:
– During this day, you will not have a free time at school unless I or Chris don’t give you something to do for post-production.
– The editing will require the work with Final Cut Pro, Sound Track Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.
– You will all stay during 6th and 7th period and maybe after school if Skocko allows us.
– If we’re filming, then of course you all have to be there to help.
– I think that’s it for this day.
– Finishing editing:
– Basically, we need to finish the video in this day since it’s the deadline.
– I’ll try to talk with Mr. Owens to get us free tickets for the dance and/or the HC T-Shirt. I don’t guarantee it tho.
– That’s also about it for this day.
– Planning for the HC event filming
– A mandatory meeting at the Mac Lab during lunch.
– If we have something else I’ll send another email.
– Filming football and HC event:
– I need one person who knows what to do to film the football game (JV) (Possibly two people)
– Do what we gonna plan on Thursday.
– That’s it

Gearing Up

I snapped this cool shot while at Steven Moyer’s house on Sunday with Danny and Christian, filming a test interview with the $3,000 in new video equipment. I know it’s out of focus (more precise: focused on the wrong spot), but for shooting in Full-Auto mode with three mini-suns exploding around you and people screaming in pain, I think it turned out quite interesting. But this post is not about my picture, it is about what is happening with the video team right now.

We have entered a state of frenzy, trying to master the new equipment and supplement our existing skills with those of Steven in time for the new school year. That is what the four of us where doing on Sunday. Next year, the video team will have an unprecedentedly large role in the Mac Lab with massive projects like Telling Our Story, and so in order to be able to start the year off strong, the returning members of the team must become proficient Рno, scratch that Рmasters of the new equipment and the industry-grade software we use.

This week, Steven will be teaching us new skills in Final Cut Studio 3 as we edit the footage from last weekend. All I have to say is that everything looks great, especially the audio (well, it sounds great). The lighting equipment finally allowed us to correctly light a scene, and the result was spectacular. The three tests we did look better than anything we have done all year, and they haven’t even been edited yet!

By preparing now, we hope to be ready to run as soon as next year starts. James and I will be leading Mac Lab Media next year, with Danny and Steven consulting.

Safety Tip: The four mega, ultra-bright, super-lights we got are light-sensitive, meaning that when they detect the flash from another camera, like my Rebel T1i, they flash too. Four flashes (mini-suns) + open eyes = FUN! (edit by kyle :P)

It’s not often that I can watch the same video more than once and still get the same effect. Still it happens, so I want the rest of you to check out this site, and watch some of the videos there. As for why I want you to do this, you should be able to figure it out when you get there.

27 Hours

Audio is complete, aside from a few minor glitches in voices. Now that’s the good news… Now the bad news. Skocko¬†approves, but Danny and I are going to be working non-stop tomorrow, in order to make a few final changes to the video. Just twenty-seven hours until deadline… Wish us luck.