week 4

Sorry for the late post. Here’s our schedule for this week.
– Filming the HC video:
– If you have a 5D and/or FX1 at home, please charge the batteries and make sure everything is good to go for the filming.
– I need you to bring the cameras tomorrow morning at 600. Everyone needs to be at the lab by 630 in the morning.
– If you have a sport and/or something else that’s not important, tell me and I’ll talk with your coach about giving you a pass or something so you can be excused for the filming. (I’m responsible for you guys.)
– I still don’t know what time the filming is. I’ll send Mr. Owens an email to find out more about that.
– We gonna have two times for filming. One in the morning and one during 7th and after school.
– You all got Chris’ email today in the morning, right? If you did, then please try to find something for the ending. We’ll talk about that tomorrow in the morning.
– Editing and (maybe) finish filming the HC video:
– During this day, you will not have a free time at school unless I or Chris don’t give you something to do for post-production.
– The editing will require the work with Final Cut Pro, Sound Track Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.
– You will all stay during 6th and 7th period and maybe after school if Skocko allows us.
– If we’re filming, then of course you all have to be there to help.
– I think that’s it for this day.
– Finishing editing:
– Basically, we need to finish the video in this day since it’s the deadline.
– I’ll try to talk with Mr. Owens to get us free tickets for the dance and/or the HC T-Shirt. I don’t guarantee it tho.
– That’s also about it for this day.
– Planning for the HC event filming
– A mandatory meeting at the Mac Lab during lunch.
– If we have something else I’ll send another email.
– Filming football and HC event:
– I need one person who knows what to do to film the football game (JV) (Possibly two people)
– Do what we gonna plan on Thursday.
– That’s it
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