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Week 3

This is a list of the things we need to accomplish this week.

1) Find out if Mr. Owens want to edit the Pep Rally and Odin’s March himself or if we need to do if.

2) Completely plan Homecoming Video ideas. Maybe start filming.

3) Film Football on Thursday and Friday. Film Cheer on Tuesday (maybe) and Friday.

4) Set up PowerMac G5 as a hub for Mac Lab Media content.

5) Meet with Danny to go over upcoming projects and hear his advice.

6) For James: Meet with Tanya Bulette and Chris on Tuesday or Wednesday during 6th and 7th period to go over details of CTE poster boards. Finish CTE poster boards by Friday morning.

7) Meet with Steven during 7th period on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to finalize details of DGA Commercial.

8) Film DGA Commercial during MLSS™ on September 25th.

9) Finalize and submit purchase list by Wednesday.


James: Have you found any wireless lavaliers that you like better than the ones you showed me last week? You have until Wednesday to finalize your decision.


Mac Lab Media Must Know Info

I’m going to keep this simple. Here are a few facts about the 2010/2011 Video Team and upcoming events.


1) Christopher Canel (video guy ) and James Wirig (audio guy) are the new leaders of the Video Team.

2) Danny Owens and Steven Moyer will be working with the Video Team throughout the year.

3) This year’s Video Team will be much more structured and organized than last year.

4) There are will be a lot of projects. I’ll leave it at that.

5) People will either be able to rotate through different tasks (filming, audio, editing, effects) or choose a specialty or any combination of both.

6) If the Video Team is going to accomplish all that we want to, then we are going to need many new, motivated students who are willing to learn, work, and have fun!

Upcoming Projects:

1) Telling Our Story – A massive multimedia project about VHS (year-long). Client: Admin

2) Cheer is a Sport –  A persuasive documentary that does what the name suggests. Client: Cheer Department, Mrs. Sellers

3) The Road to District – A documentary about the cheerleading teams’ road to the District Cheer Competition (year-long). Client: Cheer Department

4) One Day on Earth – Tell an interesting story to be used in a massive documentary about Planet Earth and humanity. Client: These Guys (Due 10.10.2010)

5) IVIE Awards – not many details yet

6) Bumpers – Produce 5 second bumpers to be displayed between advertisements on the 72 inch televisions coming soon to Valhalla. This is a project for After Effects (1080p only). Client: Orange Nation TV, Mr. Owens

7) Numerous unnamed videos for ASB and Orange Nation TV – details coming all year. Client: ASB, Orange Nation TV

Don’t forget to visit the Jobs Page to keep up-to-date with all new jobs for Mac Lab Media in case I miss something.

Update: Mario S (alumni) has offered to help with the bumpers but needs ideas. Anybody have any ideas for a cool bumper? And don’t forget to browse through his blog.

Project Time

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a Mac Lab Media project or not but since quite a few MLM members are working on it, this feels like the best place to discuss it. Today was the first day of shooting for Steven Moyer’s latest project for DGA. They need photos of a new product that will be on the market soon. I am not going to say what this mystery product is but I will say that it is very cool and definitely something I will buy. Christopher, Danny, and Steven met yesterday to prepare the set (set up the lights and white background, get a feel for the camera). Today, Christopher, Philip, Christian, Steven, and Erik (from DGA) met at Steven’s house to begin the three-day process of photographing the new product. We took simple shots of it against a white background and sometime in the next few days we will be photographing it in real world use.

Before taking down all the equipment, I snapped a few pictures just to show everyone the rig we built. We used all four new lights set to maximum (Ouch!!! Hot!!!) plus the “God Light” LED and just a simple white poster-board for the background.

Gearing Up

I snapped this cool shot while at Steven Moyer’s house on Sunday with Danny and Christian, filming a test interview with the $3,000 in new video equipment. I know it’s out of focus (more precise: focused on the wrong spot), but for shooting in Full-Auto mode with three mini-suns exploding around you and people screaming in pain, I think it turned out quite interesting. But this post is not about my picture, it is about what is happening with the video team right now.

We have entered a state of frenzy, trying to master the new equipment and supplement our existing skills with those of Steven in time for the new school year. That is what the four of us where doing on Sunday. Next year, the video team will have an unprecedentedly large role in the Mac Lab with massive projects like Telling Our Story, and so in order to be able to start the year off strong, the returning members of the team must become proficient – no, scratch that – masters of the new equipment and the industry-grade software we use.

This week, Steven will be teaching us new skills in Final Cut Studio 3 as we edit the footage from last weekend. All I have to say is that everything looks great, especially the audio (well, it sounds great). The lighting equipment finally allowed us to correctly light a scene, and the result was spectacular. The three tests we did look better than anything we have done all year, and they haven’t even been edited yet!

By preparing now, we hope to be ready to run as soon as next year starts. James and I will be leading Mac Lab Media next year, with Danny and Steven consulting.

Safety Tip: The four mega, ultra-bright, super-lights we got are light-sensitive, meaning that when they detect the flash from another camera, like my Rebel T1i, they flash too. Four flashes (mini-suns) + open eyes = FUN! (edit by kyle :P)