Who We Are

Here are the people behind Mac Lab Media:

-2011/2012 Crew-

Philip Behnam

Vincent Astolfi:

-2010/2011 Crew-

Christopher Canel: I am the leader of the 2010/2011 Mac Lab Video Team, a Senior, and a third year Mac Lab veteran. My specialties include photographylight painting, cinematography, Photoshop, Final Cut, project management, and technology in general. Also, I help Mr. Skocko manage the camera equipment and have become very knowledgeable on cameras and their accessories. My duties have included Director, Asistant Director, Director of Photography, Editor, and Chief Executive Officer. I promise to lead the Video Team to success this year.

James Wirig: (retired)

Danny Owens: (Alumni) I was the leader of the Video Team in 2010 and will be playing a support role from now on. I make sure that everyone knows what there are doing, and that the final product is up to Mac Lab standards. I can do pretty much any film job there is, post production or otherwise, though my audio skills are not quite up to par. I love making videos and plan on going into the film industry.

Philip Behnam: I’m currently a Junior and a second year student in the Mac Lab. I was one of the founders of this team. Danny and I started the idea and our first project was the sweethearts video. I was included in all of the videos that this team made. My job was as an actor in two videos, a grip, assistant director, and director. I currently know how to work in Illustrator, Photoshop, Final Cut, and After Effects. I know how to work with all of the equipment that we have in the Mac Lab. I’m still learning from Danny how to produce successful videos. I’m very excited for next year because there are bunch of stuff to do and bunch of stuff to learn. I will try my best to become a good filmmaker. Lastly, I would like to say thanks for Mr. Skocko for providing this opportunity to learn more and also thanks to Danny for teaching me and good luck for everyone in the Mac Lab next year. It’s going to be epic!

Kyle Wheaton: I am a Senior and a third year veteran of the Mac Lab. I’m fluent in Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro, After Effects, some skill in Soundtrack Pro, wordpress, and I order a mean pizza ;). I am managing 6 wordpress’: My own, one to display my workValhalla’s Fine Arts, the Mac Labs iDevelopment teams with Chris, Mac Lab Mentors, and this one. I plan on helping make history in the Mac Lab before I graduate, in almost any way :).

Christian Lim: (Alumni) Just kind of there.

Nikki Goodrich: (retired) Helped with production of the Dodgeball video.

Collin May: (retired) I am a first year Mac lab student with an extraordinary drive to succeed. I am extremely familiar with Adobe Illustrator, slowly acquiring my tastes for photoshop, and aspiring in after effects for the video team. I have done the effects for the “Stop Bullying” video and attempted at the dance crew video until ASB cancelled it. In the future I would like to become more involved with the video team’s projects and try to head some of them myself when given the opportunity. I look forward to the bright future that we have in store.

Evan R.: (retired) Helped with DGA product pictures.

Steven Moyer: (Sensei, Alumni)

And, of course, our teacher (only because he’s the one with the cameras): Skocko

    • Chris C.
    • April 11th, 2010

    How about changing the title of this page to something like “Who We Are” or something without “…the VHS Video Team” in the title?

    • James
    • April 26th, 2010

    Chis I’d say it gets changed to “The Team” it’s short and to the point.

  1. September 8th, 2010
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