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week 4

Sorry for the late post. Here’s our schedule for this week.
– Filming the HC video:
– If you have a 5D and/or FX1 at home, please charge the batteries and make sure everything is good to go for the filming.
– I need you to bring the cameras tomorrow morning at 600. Everyone needs to be at the lab by 630 in the morning.
– If you have a sport and/or something else that’s not important, tell me and I’ll talk with your coach about giving you a pass or something so you can be excused for the filming. (I’m responsible for you guys.)
– I still don’t know what time the filming is. I’ll send Mr. Owens an email to find out more about that.
– We gonna have two times for filming. One in the morning and one during 7th and after school.
– You all got Chris’ email today in the morning, right? If you did, then please try to find something for the ending. We’ll talk about that tomorrow in the morning.
– Editing and (maybe) finish filming the HC video:
– During this day, you will not have a free time at school unless I or Chris don’t give you something to do for post-production.
– The editing will require the work with Final Cut Pro, Sound Track Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.
– You will all stay during 6th and 7th period and maybe after school if Skocko allows us.
– If we’re filming, then of course you all have to be there to help.
– I think that’s it for this day.
– Finishing editing:
– Basically, we need to finish the video in this day since it’s the deadline.
– I’ll try to talk with Mr. Owens to get us free tickets for the dance and/or the HC T-Shirt. I don’t guarantee it tho.
– That’s also about it for this day.
– Planning for the HC event filming
– A mandatory meeting at the Mac Lab during lunch.
– If we have something else I’ll send another email.
– Filming football and HC event:
– I need one person who knows what to do to film the football game (JV) (Possibly two people)
– Do what we gonna plan on Thursday.
– That’s it

27 Hours

Audio is complete, aside from a few minor glitches in voices. Now that’s the good news… Now the bad news. Skocko¬†approves, but Danny and I are going to be working non-stop tomorrow, in order to make a few final changes to the video. Just twenty-seven hours until deadline… Wish us luck.

Good news and bad news

Good news:

Just about finished with the Stop Bullying video.

Just need Audio!

Bad news:

When we render the video, it either:

1. repeats frames


2. the fade in’s and out’s go horribly wrong.

Some More Setup

Due to popular demand (Kyle), I will be trying to keep posts short from now on. So, to the point! Today during class, Fadi, who isn’t officially on the video team but has helped us on both the Dodgeball and Stop Bullying videos, continued designing logos and favicons for Mac Lab Media. He has quite a few really great ideas. The iPad doesn’t show favicons, so I can’t tell if one is working, but I do know that the slogan “Be Early Or You’re Fired” might be in the logo. Those of us on the video team are used to being at school very early. Danny said I did a good job editing the last third of the Stop Bullying video, which is good news because it was a test for me (I passed). The video is coming along good. I guess that’s it for now.