Week 6

Nothing planned this week, yet.

Except processing the 1800+ photos we took during the Homecoming game.

And “Telling our stories.”


Completely Unnecessary

Simply put this should not have needed to be posted. We are known as the Video Team for a reason, namely we make video and function as a team. If there is a dispute we work it out either in person or in personal emails, if that does not help involve one of the senior members. What you should not do is post things on the internet for everyone to see; this means Facebook, Twitter or any other social media network. This is a warning to all members, not a reprimand of any specific members. Even if we are having issues working with each other, we do not need to advertise the fact to everyone. All disputes should be resolved within the team, or with Skocko if you feel the situation warrants it. Now that this has been posted I expect everyone to follow these guidelines. Clean Slate time people

Week 5/6 Update

Well everyone, we have started the long process of going through the 1800+ pictures we all took at Homecoming last Friday. I am going to keep this brief, but this is how we will proceed with the processing of these images.
1. Finish initial categorization of images (1 = bad, 3 = good/necessary, 4 = pics of Homecoming fair, 5 = great) – Wednesday
2. Re-sort images by ranking (folder for 1s, folder for 3s, etc.) – Wednesday
3. Separate backdrop shots into folders based on settings – Thursday
4. Develop lighting-correction workflow for each different settings folder – Thursday, Friday
5. Photoshop background pics, one group per person – Weekend
6. Determine which “other” (non-backdrop) pics are best, ideally around 30-40 pics total, and put them in a separate folder – Weekend
7. Proceed with normal Photoshopping of those images. We will not start this step until we are completely done with step 5 – Next Week
8. Assemble finished pics, convert to JPG, and send off to ASB for final approval – Early next week
9. Publish – Middle of next week
That is a rough outline of our workflow for this project. Hopefully, the professionals will have a chance to teach the newbies a thing or two in Photoshop, as nothing we will be doing to these pics will be overly difficult, just time consuming.
Until the actual Photoshopping begins, we will be working off Philip’s Hard Drive.
(Transcript of email sent by Christopher Canel)

Week 5

To do:

  1. Organize files from homecoming
  2. export footage from FX1/5D’s/50D
  3. work on 5D’s/50D pictures
  4. Train n00bz
  5. Sleep.

week 4

Sorry for the late post. Here’s our schedule for this week.
– Filming the HC video:
– If you have a 5D and/or FX1 at home, please charge the batteries and make sure everything is good to go for the filming.
– I need you to bring the cameras tomorrow morning at 600. Everyone needs to be at the lab by 630 in the morning.
– If you have a sport and/or something else that’s not important, tell me and I’ll talk with your coach about giving you a pass or something so you can be excused for the filming. (I’m responsible for you guys.)
– I still don’t know what time the filming is. I’ll send Mr. Owens an email to find out more about that.
– We gonna have two times for filming. One in the morning and one during 7th and after school.
– You all got Chris’ email today in the morning, right? If you did, then please try to find something for the ending. We’ll talk about that tomorrow in the morning.
– Editing and (maybe) finish filming the HC video:
– During this day, you will not have a free time at school unless I or Chris don’t give you something to do for post-production.
– The editing will require the work with Final Cut Pro, Sound Track Pro, Illustrator, Photoshop and After Effects.
– You will all stay during 6th and 7th period and maybe after school if Skocko allows us.
– If we’re filming, then of course you all have to be there to help.
– I think that’s it for this day.
– Finishing editing:
– Basically, we need to finish the video in this day since it’s the deadline.
– I’ll try to talk with Mr. Owens to get us free tickets for the dance and/or the HC T-Shirt. I don’t guarantee it tho.
– That’s also about it for this day.
– Planning for the HC event filming
– A mandatory meeting at the Mac Lab during lunch.
– If we have something else I’ll send another email.
– Filming football and HC event:
– I need one person who knows what to do to film the football game (JV) (Possibly two people)
– Do what we gonna plan on Thursday.
– That’s it

Week 3

This is a list of the things we need to accomplish this week.

1) Find out if Mr. Owens want to edit the Pep Rally and Odin’s March himself or if we need to do if.

2) Completely plan Homecoming Video ideas. Maybe start filming.

3) Film Football on Thursday and Friday. Film Cheer on Tuesday (maybe) and Friday.

4) Set up PowerMac G5 as a hub for Mac Lab Media content.

5) Meet with Danny to go over upcoming projects and hear his advice.

6) For James: Meet with Tanya Bulette and Chris on Tuesday or Wednesday during 6th and 7th period to go over details of CTE poster boards. Finish CTE poster boards by Friday morning.

7) Meet with Steven during 7th period on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday to finalize details of DGA Commercial.

8) Film DGA Commercial during MLSS™ on September 25th.

9) Finalize and submit purchase list by Wednesday.


James: Have you found any wireless lavaliers that you like better than the ones you showed me last week? You have until Wednesday to finalize your decision.

Short-Term Schedule

Here is the list of projects that Mac Lab Media has in the coming weeks and the people scheduled to help:

  1. Film Cheer on Tuesday, September 14, 3:30-7:30pm. – Kyle, Chris
  2. Odin’s March on Friday, September 17 – Chris, James, Kyle, Philip
  3. Film Football/Cheer on Friday, September 17, 7-10pm – Philip, Kyle
  4. Homecoming Advertisement – Due before Homecoming (10.1.2010)
  5. Homecoming Bio Videos? – Due before Homecoming (10.1.2010)
  6. One Day on Earth – Due October 10.

These are just the projects we must finish by October 10th. There are many more coming soon.

We desperately need volunteers for filming Cheer, Football, and Odin’s March. Leave a comment if you are interested. Also, if you have any ideas for One Day on Earth, leave a comment as well.

And don’t forget the mandatory meeting on Thursday, September 16th at lunch. Info here.