New (Old) Video(s)

We finally got our rear in gear and made ourselves a Vimeo account.

You can find it here.



A sweet new product just came out!

Check out these people’s blogs:

Steven Moyer

Chris Canel

Philip Behnam

Kyle Wheaton

Mike Skocko

week 10

To do:

  1. Find newbz
  2. finish homecoming pictures

New Gear.

So… Beautiful… *tear*

Follow focuses (2)

Follow Focus ring (3)

Shoulder Rig (2/3 parts)

z-finder? zacudo thingy. (1)

“Deadcat” AKA wind protector for the shotgun mic (1)

3.5mm jack to XLR cable for our lavaliers (1)

an “icicle” AKA XLR to mini-usb so that you can record straight in sound track/sound booth (1)

suction cup tripod-ish, it sticks to metal/glass very well, can be used to record people talking in a car with the camera outside the car (1)

Slate (1)

and best of all….

Neat Video. (plug-in for Premier CS3-5)


NO FRICKIN’ problem!

Week 9

This is what we have to do this week:

  1. Monday: Plan how we will edit the Homecoming and Senior Tailgate pictures.
  2. Tuesday: Recruit newbies.
  3. Wednesday: ???
  4. Thursday: ???
  5. Friday: Finish Homecoming and Senior Tailgate pictures.

Week 8

To do:

  1. Record Lexy(i?)
  2. “Edit” the clips together
  3. Export, and put onto DVD
  4. Give to her today so she can mail it off.
  5. Add more to this list.

Week 7

Work this week:

  1. Finish “Telling our stories” for wednesday’s staff meeting
  2. Finish Homecoming pictures
  3. Record Cheer on Tuesday
  4. Take DGA pics on Tuesday
  5. DGA stuff
  6. Record Got Plans on Wednesday
  7. Add more to this list