New Gear.

So… Beautiful… *tear*

Follow focuses (2)

Follow Focus ring (3)

Shoulder Rig (2/3 parts)

z-finder? zacudo thingy. (1)

“Deadcat” AKA wind protector for the shotgun mic (1)

3.5mm jack to XLR cable for our lavaliers (1)

an “icicle” AKA XLR to mini-usb so that you can record straight in sound track/sound booth (1)

suction cup tripod-ish, it sticks to metal/glass very well, can be used to record people talking in a car with the camera outside the car (1)

Slate (1)

and best of all….

Neat Video. (plug-in for Premier CS3-5)


NO FRICKIN’ problem!

  1. Only 2 follow-focuses. Don’t forget the Icicle, the slate, and the suction thingy.

  2. 2? i thought there were three.

  3. 3 rings, 2 actual follow focusssesssssss

  4. clapper

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