Project Time

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a Mac Lab Media project or not but since quite a few MLM members are working on it, this feels like the best place to discuss it. Today was the first day of shooting for Steven Moyer’s latest project for DGA. They need photos of a new product that will be on the market soon. I am not going to say what this mystery product is but I will say that it is very cool and definitely something I will buy. Christopher, Danny, and Steven met yesterday to prepare the set (set up the lights and white background, get a feel for the camera). Today, Christopher, Philip, Christian, Steven, and Erik (from DGA) met at Steven’s house to begin the three-day process of photographing the new product. We took simple shots of it against a white background and sometime in the next few days we will be photographing it in real world use.

Before taking down all the equipment, I snapped a few pictures just to show everyone the rig we built. We used all four new lights set to maximum (Ouch!!! Hot!!!) plus the “God Light” LED and just a simple white poster-board for the background.

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