Time to Type

Attention members of the video team, I have a task for you. See this page. See who is the only person with a description. That’s about to change. If you want to have a description next to your name, you need to type something up, and preferably quite soon (the next couple of days). All you need is a few sentences describing your talents, what videos you have worked on, what positions you have held within the video team, and what your plans are for your future in the video team. Type up your info in a text document and put it in the Drop Box folder of Computer #14, Period 07 (or somehow get it to either Kyle of me). It shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and will help give a face to the video team.

  1. Is it just me, or do a lot of people have this same blog theme?

  2. Probably everyone has it. Lulz

  3. And first prize goes to Kyle, for being the first to complete his task!!!!!!!!!

  4. No prizes and Kyle can do it himself

  5. No, the people should have to it themselves. Kyle and I can’t, and shouldn’t have to, do everything ourselves.

  6. Woo! What did I win!?

  7. The honor of being the first to see this.

  8. If only I had digital additions before the site for it went down..

  9. You know why it’s down? Prepping for the launch of CS5!!! So exciting!!!!!!!

  10. I be there a little after that.

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