Some More Setup

Due to popular demand (Kyle), I will be trying to keep posts short from now on. So, to the point! Today during class, Fadi, who isn’t officially on the video team but has helped us on both the Dodgeball and Stop Bullying videos, continued designing logos and favicons for Mac Lab Media. He has quite a few really great ideas. The iPad doesn’t show favicons, so I can’t tell if one is working, but I do know that the slogan “Be Early Or You’re Fired” might be in the logo. Those of us on the video team are used to being at school very early. Danny said I did a good job editing the last third of the Stop Bullying video, which is good news because it was a test for me (I passed). The video is coming along good. I guess that’s it for now.

  1. You can type as much as you want sir.

    I’ll just balance it out with my two sentence posts

    • Chris C.
    • April 6th, 2010

    OK, just not on the iPad, because making links open in a new window is a pain on the iPad.

    • Chris C.
    • April 6th, 2010

    Did you make the sidebar go away on the sub-pages on purpose?

  2. Ya just so we get a few more pixels in on the thumbnails.
    You may change that if you like

      • Chris C.
      • April 6th, 2010

      That makes sense, but I feel lost without the sidebar.

      Sent from my iPad

  3. No need to brag or anything Chris.

    • Chris C.
    • April 6th, 2010

    Oops. I replied via email and it always says that when a send an email. Sorry, I didn’t mean to brag.

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